Airship Lore

airships and their pilots


All Airships are different in size shape and functionality.


Airships and their pilots.

Airships are mainly constructed in SootDenn city and are passed down through generations of pilots usually from the same family. Each ship is unique in some way and is usually named after the family that owns it.

Airships are created with a spell, imbuing into the ship a bond with a token, usually a coin that bares the resemblance of the ship it is bonded to.
The token is used to charm the pilot into serving whoever holds it, so owners of an airship coin not only own the Airship but also the pilot. These tokens are rare and are usually held by the rich and wealthy, although some have been traded and sold through the years many remain in the service of a single wealthy family for generations.

Written By – D.Stewart

Airship Lore

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