Dandy Grib

The book-keeper


Dandy is tall for a goblin around 3ft tall and whip lean his long hooked nose and small eyes give him the look of a friendly bird of prey, his long pointed ears are set with a number of golden rings, he wears deep blue trousers with faint pink pinstripes with a matching waistcoat deep blue dress shoes and a white shirt tops off the outfit along with his special deadmans tophat set with his fathers mining goggles


Dandy was born into a normal goblin family neither rich nor poor he watched for years as his father worked himself into an early grave to provide the best for his little family. Soon after his father died Dandy vowed to himself he would not suffer the same fate he would go out and earn his fortune any way he could.
Dandy’s rise to infamy began with him buying several of the scabbiest, leanest most wiry cockeralls he could and began a small cock fighting ring outside the local tavern, taking a percentage of all bets placed and selling the dead chickens to the tavern owner for pies this venture quickly became a success and he made his first good bit of money which was substantially more than his father made in a year, he used his new money to fund his next venture and he began looking for fighters, he had some success in the local taverns and eventually amassed enough of a following of these roughians that he used them not only to entertain crowds but as hired security and muscle when needed along with any num,ber of menial labour jobs, Dandy always took his cut, big or small he wanted his cut of the proffit.
Very soon Dandy had more wealth than he knew what to do with, and with that wealth came the respect he craved, Dandy lives as a happy go lucky goblin these days having carved out his own way in the world a sweaty, bloody, underhanded way but it was his and nobody will be taking it from him now.

Written By – D.Stewart

Dandy Grib

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