Wendell the Sleeper

a slender bald man usually wears robes of dark blue


Wendell is a nervous but competent man, he will not engage in any form of combat as every-time he he becomes too excitable his narcolepsy kicks in and he sleeps for periods of time


a once master mechanic for the Drab family and lived a happy comfortable life in the SootDenn on their ample estate, his days spent fixing the many automatons and machines that Hektor Drab was obsessed with making.
One evening Hektor almost died when his life support machines malfunctioned Wendell arriving just in time to fix the problem saving Hektors life. Later that night while he was sleeping Wendell was attacked and restrained by Hekors strange spider like machine and promptly taken away to the workshop underneath the manor, Hektor awaited them dressed for surgery and wendell fearing the worst began to grovel for his life all the while being strapped to the brass operating table, when he was restrained Hektor leaned over him and said with a malicious smile “it wont matter if i cant call out in future when i need you, with this” he showed Wendell a control coin (see airship lore), Wendell awoke hours later in his room his head completely shaved and criss-crossed with rough stitches and a searing pain coming from somewhere deep in his brain, almost instantly he felt compelled to attend Hektor and rushed to do so.
months went by like this and Wendell being the genius he is located the coin that was lodged in his brain and set about a plan remove it, which after the first year he implemented, using a rudimentery bone saw he opened a cavity in his skull and inserted specially made sharp tweezers, the coin having healed into his brain matter eventually came free with some coaxing pulling with it a chunk of brain matter, , he looked at it once smiled weakly and fell asleep while standing there looking at it , he awoke swiftly unaware he had gone to sleep and carried on packing his things to leave, this process took several hours as Wendell fell asleep for minutes at a time and upon waking would be unaware that he had slept just continuing what he was doing.
he made his escape from Hektor Drabs service vowing never to return.

Written by D.Stewart

Wendell the Sleeper

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