Nudin & Nora the trickster twins

Pixie Siblings that look after the forest outside Mistybrook


Nudin the male pixie wears a jerkin and shorts made of riverweed, his dragonfly like wings shimmer in every shade of green he has dark green hair that goes up into a swirl resembling a question mark, large almond shaped eyes with leaf green iris’s, pale white skin dappled with green patches

Nora the female pixie wears a bodice and skirt of wooden scale armor, her wings shimmer in every shade of blue, her hair is a deep purple that hangs freely and has two braids at the front decorated with wooden beads, she carries a tiny bow and quiver of arrows at her back, her large almond shaped eyes are deep purple with green flecks, he pale skin is dappled with the same green patches.


Nudin & Nora live in their small copse of tree’s inside a fairy ring that leads to the own slice of heaven in the fey realm their pocket realm resembles a beautiful forest clearing permanently lit by the ethereal light of a full moon, they have no idea of their age or how they got there just that it is theirs and they love it dearly, having seen the hamlet of mistybrook appear across the river from their small forest they constantly play tricks on the people that live there, stealing their things, getting them lost, and being generally annoying to the residents of the hamlet, to the twins amusement the people of mistybrook now pay homage to the “strange fey creature” of the woods, so it leaves them alone, until one day a small boy named Sedrick wandered into their forest and found them, both pixies sensing great evil and magic in the boy sent him away giving him a trinket that resembled a snake, unbeknown to the boy after he left their forest trinket in hand he was never able to find the village of mistybrook again…….

Written By – D.Stewart

Nudin & Nora the trickster twins

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