Slimani Drab & Brekkon

the owner of Drab Mining Co.


Slimani Drab – small goblin lady, young, red shoulder length hair that hangs in loose wavy curls, sparkling purple eyes, a charming friendly smile, tan leather shorts with oversized blue stitching, knee high roll top tan leather boots with the same oversized blue stitching up the sides and large copper buckles on the feet, she wears a dark blue leather flight cap adorned with small golden feathers,her woollen waistcoat a tartan of tan and blue has copper buttons, her overcoat hangs open but is heavy and looks functional is the same tan as her boots.
happy, cheerful, peppy, childishly charming

Brekkon – - Ancient looking drilling machine, four sturdy iron legs, massive bladed drill makes up most of the front of the machine, No way to operate it, has a large black grate on the side where fuel is put into it, a fluted chimney sprouts from the back of the machine is made of the same black iron as the grate.


Slimani thought to herself while casually weighing the pouch of gold given to her by her father and wondered if she was making the right decision, daddy had said this was the last bit of coin she would see for one of my crazy ideas, but those boots she had seen were incredibly nice and she wanted them dearly, as she bit her deep purple lip and looked up at the enormous kontraption with sparkling violet eyes an idea formed in her clever mind putting on her most charming smile The large contraption noted her not, it wasn’t one for those things referred to as ‘emotions’ and was always rather uncertain of the meaning behind smiles and those other things the living would do. All that could be truly considered was the height of this girl, her fashion choices and the sound of coins clinking, the only trait it would care about that she could ever offer it.
slimani seeing the kontraption boom into life with a rumble of its massive iron gears as black smoke billowed from its gunbarrel exhaust took an tentative step backwards thinking the boots would infact make her feel better, bumped into a heavyset man wearing an oily apron over his deep green overalls “mind how you go dear, brekkon here is a grumpy old timer” he chuckled at the puzzled look on her face, “dont worry” said the man “he is harmless really, i’m Trimble the mechanic here at radmond mining equipment, can i help you with something?”
She was uncertain for sure at this moment, leering at the heavy metal ‘monster’ of a machine, creature or some sort of hell if she knew! Maybe an automaton? Well, maybe the boots would be easier, a lot easier “Uh, well, no. I think I am in the wrong place” she had began to back away slowly so not to rouse the thing any more than she had already. The heavy set man took a deep breath and spat into the nearby forge which caused an eruption of flame “Off with ye then”
halting midstep she turned on her heel remembereing what it would be like to have her own money and not rely on her fether for everything how good it would be to independant, and stopped turned “excuse me, mister trimble, but as an enquiry how much would an old machine like brekkon here cost?”
Silence as the man mused with her question rolling around in his head “S’not that simple missy” he would chuckle as the sound of metal striking against metal hummed around them “Ol’ Brekkon is pretty picky who he goes to” he would nod towards the machine which was referred to as ‘he’, not that ‘he’ minded any, it just made things easier than thinking of another way to refer to it. “He’s a stickler for, well, not caring much. Yeh lifelike traits confuse ’im” the striking continued “But if e’s willin’ you can get ‘im for free, if’en you pass his test, he chooses where he goes. Nothin’ I do to stop ’im”
Free she mused “I’ll do it, what does he need from me then?” I could get the whole outfit and look like a real business lady then and start my own company,“so what does big old brekkon here want from me” she mused as she ran her delicate hand along one of brekkons four massive iron legs, gazing upon the mighty creature of iron,steam and fire, as she inspected the large bladed drillbit that made up the front of the old mining machine and spotted the makers mark etched into a brass plaque Brekkon ironwerks .Co
“E’s a slow sort. So old he developed a will of ’is own” the striking resumed followed by the sudden gush of air that hissed as metal cooled in the nearby barrel of water “Yah ‘ere of dem trees? Ent’ I reckon their name” he would nod at the big iron creature “’e’s as slow as them, iffen you can wait for him to show interest, then ’e likely to follow you” the piece of metal resumed to be battered with his hammer “But if you leave, you fail ‘is test, y’see?” he begins to cackle “I’m still waitin’ built me shop around ’im!” he spits into the forge once more “But, too old ‘m large now to go minin’ anyway”
Slimani quickly realised that manipulating the strange machine was easier than she thought she used her artificer skills to command the large machine and to this day Slimani &Brekkon are almost inseparable

Written by D.Stewart & T.Cornhill

Slimani Drab & Brekkon

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