Syrah Sweetkiss

Owner of the brown star inn


Syrah is a beautiful human woman around 5"6 she wears sultry low cut dresses with a cut down the side of the skirt showing alot of leg, her prett face is always made up in a sublte way to accentuate her good looks and special lipstick that contains poison, she also loves the colour blue.


Syrah Sweetkiss was abused as a child her father used to beat her black and blue, the man taking the death oh her mother badly only saw what he had lost when he looked at his teenage daughter and flew into rages beating her badly until one day being well into his cups he took a fancy to his young daughter and Syrah seeing this as something other than a beating faught back and in the struggle her father fell down the stairs of their home landing awkwardly, Syrah seeing her father hurt but not dead and pleading for her help she went to her bedroom packed her bags put on her mothers best dress,did her make-up and set to leaving reaching her crippled father at the base of the stairs she leant down whispered in his ear “Goodnight father” and slid a slender dagger deep into his throat while kissing him on the forehead leaving him choking on his own blood with a blue lipstick mark on his head she left the house and never looked back.
Fiesty,flirty,straight talking

Written By – D.Stewart

Syrah Sweetkiss

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