The Demon Engines

These legendary Engines were created to help fight in the Dragon wars centuries ago


These strange sentient machines are the result of ancient experiments involving the union of blood magic, demon pacts and expert engineering, the art of creating demon engines was outlawed under pain of death as this profane practice gave life to these giant machines.


all but four of the one hundred that were created were tracked down and destroyed after finding out to their creators horror that the machines themselves were in some way alive, all crew or people using the engines were send mad and most resulted in mass suicides or bloody massacres of all on board.
every demon engine machine was unique in some way but all shared the same engine make up which consisted of a black unknown alloy made into a rod that emits an eerie red glow and eventually projects strange runes all over the interiors of each vessel, the black metal rods housed the souls of captured demons who’s life essence and magic was used to power the machines.
only four of these strange legendary machines are known to still exist

No.4 a leviathan class submarine who’s crew became part of it legends say, the reports that crackled over the vox machine in the crews last moments was a strange language maniacal laughter and only the words “we let them in” followed by a gurgling laughter and static.

No.73 a juggernaut class carriage train that legend has it is still inhabited by automaton guards and ferries lost souls all over the SootDen, this opulent train was a marvel of its creators and stops at a station still unreachable by the living, it is said to be the gateway to places of legend like the lost town of mistybrook that vanished many years ago with only the words “we locked it away” carved into several of the trees surrounding the area, it is said that any living being that travels the long road from the demon engines ethereal station will have to make promises they will never keep.

No.17 Was a small airship that was phenomenally fast this machine took a horrific form of plague like symptoms all manner of wood rot took hold of its panels and its metal rusting almost as soon as it was powered up, this engine is one of disease and death, the few sightings of it in recent history say its balloon is now made of flesh and its crew are terrifying armored revenants covered in pus filled boils and fetid green flesh, the captain is said to be part machine and enormous he carries a great sword made of the bone of some profane creature gnarled and full of rot the blade is razor sharp and oozes a thick purple poison that spreads disease and pestilence to whatever it touches

No.94 is only one of five demon powered suits or armor these engine powered suits were a marvel of engineering giving the wearer unnatural abilities of speed strength and agility, but the cost was great all who donned the armor quickly found out that it could not, or rather would not be removed, the suits slowly took over the person wearing them making them into demon like creatures that could use powerful magics the likes of which had never been seen before, one such ability was the demon engine suit could take one of its many souls and leave it, or release it into the world to do their bidding. These suits and the people wearing them were hunted down and killed or destroyed only two remain and are said to be owned by a wealthy collector of strange occult items.

Written By – D.Stewart

The Demon Engines

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