Mowenna Darkscale

tall,slender, wears dark robes, has midnight blue colored scales, speaks eloquently


tall and elegant she wears dark robes to cover the burn scars all over he midnight blue scaled body, she has bright blue eyes that appear cold and calculating, carries a crude black wooden staff.


Morwenna darkscale did not have the best start to life sold as a baby to a wealthy gnomish family she was made to work in their family kitchen her whole life chained by her throat to the walls of the stone room where the families meals were prepared.
she grew to adulthood knowing nothing of the outdoors, nothing of anything other than cooking and cleaning the little room that was her entire world, she had two things she cherished over all else her trusty broom and a small clockwork dragon gifted to her several years earlier by one of the children, after burning the morning porridge for the 3rd time in a week the master of the house stormed into the kitchen and beat her badly and in doing so knocked the clockwork toy tumbling from her apron pocket, the gnomish man already enraged accused her of stealing and used the chain pulleys to hang her from the ceiling, kicking and gasping for breath Morwenna managed to snap the rafter beam and landed heavily on the floor under a pile of thatch and rubble, the gnome seizing his opportunity to exercise his cruelty lit a small fire near her face and laughed maniacally as the fire grew hotter and began to burn her flesh away horribly.
Morwenna struggled to get free and managed to wrest her arm and grab the gnome by his leg dragging him close so he could see and feel what she felt and looked like in the fire, he looked in terror as she bit him on the shoulder her teeth sinking deep as she drank his rich metallic tasting blood as madness took her as did the strength that came with it dragging the rest of herself free she fled the house clutching her former master like a grisly prize and taking bites from him as she ran from that place never to return.
she eventually found work at a local in and finding a love that never going to last with another of her kind who taught her magic so that she may hide her scars better, love soon turned to bitterness and resentment as she after marrying him took a brazier of hot coals and covered him in them burning him also the fight that proceeded was quick brutal and bloody and again morwenna drank and ate the flesh, using the money she acquired from her marriage she opened an orphanage hoping to devote her life to children and making sure they never shared her fate
years pass as the hunger inside her grew for that familiar taste that rush of power and savage delight of the kill as she began profane rituals where she sacrificed children to summon demons that fed on emotions of other beings, hoping that they would eather pain away, gorge themselves on the deep wells of bitterness and hate she had inside her.

Written by – D.Stewart

Mowenna Darkscale

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