Moxon the high Priest

a bipedal ox that walks on two legs he wears flowing black robes and a belt of gears he has augmented most of his natural body with machine parts


a walking tank essentially an old work oxen transformed by some strange magic he continually vents steam from two engines set into his body that power his various upgrades
He is wise patient and calm but cross him or speak against his faith and his wrath is formidable


Moxon started life as a normal plow ox a beast of burden with simple thoughts and a simple as long as he was fed his owner kept him warm and didn’t work him too hard he was happy, one day when pulling his plow contentedly behind him chewing on a mouthful of the tall yellow grass he liked so much, his front left hoof suddenly spasmed as searing hot pain ran through his entire body.
Moxon then dreamt and in the dream he was able to walk on two legs like man and was shown the secrets of HolyTekk by a huge flickering red orb that seemed to speak directly to his mind, what Moxon found curious was the fact he understood all that was said and even communicated back, upon speaking to the glaring orb of the machine god his head felt as if it would implode as so much information and instruction along with new knowledge to create wondrous devices and become the leader of a new holy order.
Moxon awoke in the field released himself from his yoke inspected his left hand and was shocked to see a strong 5 fingered hand there, he knelt hands clasped in prayer to his new god thanking the being for these new gifts. standing he walked from that field never to look back, wiping the dried blood from his nose and ears he set off towards and ancient forgotten temple in the far south, The iron bowl a valley set into the earth in a perfect semicircle of dark grey iron with a mast in the center, he knew he was to go there and along the way to spread word of the machine god, creating the order of the machine, but all this was now. What really excited Moxon was the task his god had entrusted him……….
To create a living God.

Written By D.Stewart

Moxon the high Priest

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